How To Clear Energy From Rosary?

Many people use rosaries as a tool for prayer and meditation, but over time, they can become filled with negative energy. It’s important to regularly clear the energy from your rosary to ensure that it remains a sacred and powerful tool. Here are some methods you can use to clear the energy from your rosary:

1. Smudging

One of the most popular methods for clearing energy from objects is smudging. To smudge your rosary, simply light a bundle of sage or palo santo and pass the smoke over the beads. As you do this, envision the smoke cleansing away any negative energy and leaving behind a sense of peace and clarity.

2. Salt Bath

Another effective way to clear the energy from your rosary is to place it in a bowl of salt water. Make sure the rosary is fully submerged in the water and let it sit for at least 24 hours. The salt will absorb any negative energy and purify the beads. After soaking, rinse the rosary with clean water and let it dry in the sun.

3. Reiki

If you are attuned to Reiki or know someone who is, you can use this healing energy to clear the energy from your rosary. Simply hold the rosary in your hands and channel Reiki energy into it, focusing on cleansing and purifying the beads. You can also ask your Reiki practitioner to perform a distance healing session specifically for your rosary.

4. Sound Healing

Sound vibrations have the power to cleanse and purify energy. You can use a singing bowl, tuning forks, or even a bell to clear the energy from your rosary. Simply ring the instrument near the rosary and allow the sound waves to wash away any negativity. You can also play calming music or chants while holding the rosary to infuse it with positive energy.

5. Intentions

Finally, one of the simplest ways to clear the energy from your rosary is to set clear intentions. Hold the rosary in your hands and visualize a bright light surrounding it, cleansing away any negative energy. You can also say a prayer or affirmation, asking for the rosary to be filled with love, light, and positivity.

By regularly clearing the energy from your rosary, you can ensure that it remains a powerful tool for prayer and meditation. Choose the method that resonates most with you and make it a regular practice to keep your rosary energetically clear and charged.

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