Con Edison Clean Energy Charge?

Con Edison, also known as Consolidated Edison, is a utility company that provides electricity, natural gas, and steam to customers in New York City and Westchester County. In recent years, Con Edison has made a commitment to promoting clean energy and reducing its carbon footprint. One way they are doing this is through the implementation of a Clean Energy Charge.

What is the Clean Energy Charge?

The Clean Energy Charge is a small fee that Con Edison adds to customers’ bills in order to support the development of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency programs. This charge helps fund initiatives such as solar power installations, wind farms, and energy efficiency incentives for customers.

Benefits of the Clean Energy Charge

By supporting clean energy initiatives, Con Edison is helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. Investing in renewable energy sources also helps to diversify the energy grid and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. In addition, the Clean Energy Charge can help customers save money in the long run by promoting energy efficiency and reducing overall energy consumption.

How to Opt Out

While the Clean Energy Charge is designed to benefit the environment and customers, some may prefer not to participate in the program. Customers have the option to opt out of the Clean Energy Charge by contacting Con Edison and requesting to have the fee removed from their bill.


The Con Edison Clean Energy Charge is a small but significant step towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy future. By supporting renewable energy sources and energy efficiency programs, Con Edison is helping to create a cleaner and more resilient energy grid for all of its customers.

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